The Magnus Archives - A Paranormal Podcast With A Difference
The Magnus Archives is a podcast based at The Magnus Institute, a fictional organisation dedicated to the paranormal......
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The Magnus Archives

It was a dark, rainy Sunday in March. I was busy at my desk with some of the more mundane Ghost Book work, typing up research, and I needed something to listen to. My brother recommended The Magnus Archives podcast, a series of people’s paranormal accounts, written and presented perfectly.

I popped on my headphones, which I always find brings an eerie intensity when listening to spooky stories, and I delved into the foreboding world of the archives.

Thanks Tom, I’m hooked. 

The Magnus Archives
The Magnus Archives

Here are the first three cases to get you started. Whilst you can jump between stories, there is an underlying plot developing with Jonathan Sims and his team. Therefore, to get the full benefits of The Magnus Files, be sure to listen to them in order.

You can find the rest on the Magnus Archives YouTube channel or on the podcast site Acast.

You can read more about the archives, as well as Jonathan and his team working at the institute, on their Fandom page.

Rusty Quill, the producers of The Magus Files are also on Patreon. Discover more about supporting the team, and getting access to exclusive news and updates here.


A new podcast is released every Thursday. There’s a great catalogue of files already in place for you to indulge in. 



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