The Hill House - The Ghost Book
Come and discover the history and hauntings of The Hill House in Herefordshire. Read chilling tales of spooky encounters and book yourself on a ghost hunt, if you dare......
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The Hill House


LOCATION: Nr Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, UK

DATE BUILT: Original part in 1680, with additions in 1720, 1860ish, 1920, 1950 and 2000s. 



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A family home. 

OTHER USES: The house has also been used as a bedsit (room rents), and now operates as a Bed & Breakfast, as well as a family home.

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON SITE: There is believed to have been a previous building on the site, with links to Goodrich Castle.


INTERESTING FACTS: The woods surrounding the house are also believed to be haunted. We certainly had some experiences out there!

CLAIM TO FAME: The Hill House appeared on Channel 5’s ‘The Hotel Inspector.’ Series 7, Episode 2.

GRIZZLY HISTORY: There are stories of a servant girl being murdered and dragged through the house. There are no known facts to validate this story, but several groups have come up with similar details.

DEATHS: None confirmed.



• Elizabeth – The lady of the house, with red hair and flowing white robes.

• A man in a frock coat and tricorn hat.

• Children

TIMESPAN OF HAUNTINGS: There have been many, many reported sightings, dating from at least 1960s.


Audible:  Whispering heard. Growling heard. Loud, unexplained bangs. Disembodied footsteps. 

Visual: Full bodied apparitions, partial-body apparitions. Mists seen. Flashes of light. Shadows seen, sometimes blocking light underneath a closed door.

Intelligent: Responsive activity during a seance.

Sensory: People have reported feeling touched, hands held, hair pulled, arms and head stroked. Misplaced smells experienced including that of tobacco, incense and perfume.

Poltergeist: Doors opening on their own. Object displacement (things turning up in other places than where they were left) Doors locking on their own. Curtains being drawn. Lights turning on and off. Objects have been witnessed moving on their own. 

Technological: Very clear EVPs caught. Unusual activity on K2 meters.


“Adam, Carl, Andree & Lynne were sitting in the Cabin Room doing a vigil. Andree was sat by the fireplace along with Lynne. Adam and Carl were both sitting side by side on the edge of the bed.

The room seemed to go from dark to even darker in a very quick time. Adam and Carl could see movement along the floor by the entrance to the cabin room door which Andree confirmed she could see the room becoming much darker down that end. The feeling in the room became very intense and heavy. Adam and Carls eyes were being effected at the same time and Carl described it as “I feel like I am going blind”. Adam was then having a heavy feeling around his eyes and asked out loud “Can you please move back”. As soon as Adam said that, Adam and Carl both jumped back at the same time due to what is described as a big pitch black ball of energy pounce from about 1ft off the floor up towards Adams face. Carl confirmed he saw it pounce up at exactly the same time.

The group turned the torches on and took a few mins to compose themselves and try and make sense of what happened

A few mins later the group decided to sit in the darkness again and see if anything was still there trying to communicate. No longer than 2minutes passed and the room became very very heavy and the room seemed to get even darker than it previously was. Adam and Carl were both looking down towards the direction of Mrs Thomas door when all of a sudden the shape of a hunched over crouching figure about 3ft tall appeared from out of the darkness and shot from the left side of Adams leg right across in front of him and Carl. Adam and Carl both saw this at exactly the same time and both explained how dark the shape was.”

Adam Neal 

The Hill House ~ Cabin Room

“Myself and Adam were investigating the ‘cabin room’ during the night and we were both sat on the bed, facing the closed door which linked to Mrs Thomas’s room. We felt a spirit presence in the room, and as time went on during the vigil the room seemed to get even darker than it currently was. It felt like somebody was blinding me, as my vision felt blurry. Both myself and Adam confirmed we were both experiencing this and that there was definitely a noticeable change within the room.

Suddenly, a small black figure began forming in the corner in-front of us. It was like a human figure was crouching, ready to pounce. After a few more seconds of build-up it then pounced up towards Adam, who was still sat next to me. At this very second we both jumped and he switched his torch on and whatever it was vanished. We couldn’t quite believe what had just happened, an experience I will certainly never forget.”

Carl Spencer

The Hill House ~ Cabin Room

None yet discovered







Howle Hill,

Ross On Wye,