Terms and Conditions
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Terms and Conditions

The following terms are by which The Ghost Book operates. By continuing to use the website, you are taking full responsibility for meeting these terms and conditions.


1. Events

The Ghost Book has endeavoured to cover all terms and conditions put in place by the companies advertised here. However, please ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions listed by the hosting company for the event you are booking before you finalise any purchase.

1.1. Events advertised on The Ghost Book are for people aged 18 and over. Anyone under this age may be refused entry by the hosting company if photographic proof of identity cannot be provided when requested. Ticket costs will not be refunded in this circumstance.

1.2.  Pregnant women are not advised to book an event. Some companies will refuse entry altogether, others may allow it, but state pregnant ladies attend at their own risk. If you are unsure, please refer to the hosting companies terms and conditions before making any purchase.   

1.3. Due to the nature of events and the condition of some buildings, people with mobility issues may encounter access issues. If you are interested in booking an event, please contact the hosting to company to make enquiries regarding suitability. They will be happy to advise you.

1.4. It is asked by all companies that you dress appropriately, and accordingly when attending an event. Flat, sensible footwear should be worn due to the age of buildings, uneven flooring, old staircases etc. Warm clothing should be worn, and coats and jackets always considered. Even hot summer days can get quite cold once the night sets in.

1.5. Some events take place in open air. British weather being what it is, there may be occasion when it is not possible to continue with the event as planned. Companies reserve the right to move events to sheltered areas. Please consider the weather forecast before attending an event, dress suitably and prepare for possible changes in weather.

1.6. All events are attended at the guest’s own risk. Companies are not liable for any accident or injury to attendees.

1.7. Many companies use mediums on their events. The opinions and statements made by mediums, as well as company staff and investigators, are personal interpretation and it is up to you how you decide to take this information. No company will state these opinions as fact. Your experiences and decisions should be based on your own beliefs and interpretations, and not on those of others.

1.8. Not all companies use a medium on their events, and some only use them some of the time. If this is something you are looking for when choosing an event, please contact the hosting company and they will be happy to assist you.

1.9. Companies will only book locations where paranormal activity has been experienced. Neither hosting companies nor The Ghost Book are responsible for the level of activity experienced during an event, or lack of. Events advertised on The Ghost Book are not staged events, but paranormal investigations. Activity can be extreme and it can be minimal.

1.10. The Ghost Book reserves the right to remove any company advertised here that is found to be staging events or misleading customers regarding the paranormal activity of a location. This removal can be immediate and without prior notice.

1.11. All companies advertised on The Ghost Book endeavour to provide their guests with a fun and professionally conducted evening. Any concerns should be raised immediately with staff of the hosting company, or as soon as possible.

1.12. All ghost hunt events are for entertainment purposes. Information and ghost stories are provided in good faith but guarantees to their validity and accuracy will be not be made by any company. This being said, no stories are fabricated for the entertainment of guests.

1.13. Prices for events listed may be changed without notice. Offers and discounts will not be applied to full price tickets already purchased.

1.14. The Ghost Book operates a ticketless system, as do all companies advertised on the site. Booking confirmation via email addresses provided, as well as PayPal receipts will act as proof of booking.

2. Travelling and accommodation

2.1. Some ghost hunts are sleepover events. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated. If this is not mentioned, then there will be no sleeping facilities provided.

2.2. Please take into consideration the distance you will be travelling to an event. At the end of an event, you will be tired and may not feel up to the drive home. Please consider this when booking your event, and perhaps book accommodation near to the event. You will be solely responsible for this booking, and in no way will The Ghost Book or the hosting company be liable for any problems or discrepancies with said accommodation.

2.3. Guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from events. Please remember this when considering remote locations.

3. Personal Property

3.1. Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment on events. However, neither The Ghost Book or the hosting company are liable for any damage to or loss of personal property, however it may occur, whether during the event or travelling to or from the event.

3.2. Recording equipment is allowed on events, but may be limited by the location or hosting company. You must make all other guests present aware of your intended filming and gain consent. Guests are within their rights to contest any intended filming.

3.3. Any footage recorded, both audio and visual, is for personal use and not public view. Any footage captured on an event is the sole property of the hosting company. Please contact the hosting company before sharing any footage via social media platforms. Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken.

3.4. Guests are solely responsible for the safety and security of their vehicles. Please ensure you park safely, legally and somewhere that enables you to collect your car at any given time. No company will be held responsible for clamping, fines or vehicles locked in secure car parks. Many car parks lock the gates through the night. Please check this when you park as this may result in you being stranded until the following morning.

3.5. No company will be held responsible for loss of property and personal belongings including clothing.

3.6. No company will be held responsible for injury or damage to persons or belongings as a result of paranormal or poltergeist activity that may occur.

4. Behaviour

4.1. Due to the law which came into place on 1 July 2007, smoking is not allowed inside any building where a ghost hunt takes place. This includes the use of vapes. The company will provide you with direction to smoking areas during your evening. Smoking is strictly limited to break times, and must only take place is designated areas. Candles, or any other naked flames are also not permitted. Use of such items, unless in the smoking designated area, will result in confiscation, and possibly even removal of persons art fault from the event. No company will use candles, or any other fire hazard during their events.

4.2. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated on any event, for any reason. Anyone seen acting in an appropriate way towards guests or staff, or behaving in a disruptive manner, will be asked to leave the event, regardless of time, weather conditions or travel arrangements. No refund will be given.

4.3. There may be certain areas of locations which are out of bounds to guests. There can be a number of reasons for this, which can include unsound structure of the building. You will be made aware of such areas, if this applies to your location, at the beginning of the event. Anyone found ignoring these instructions may be asked to leave to event. No refund will be issued.

4.4. The use of drugs and alcohol on an event is not permitted. Anyone believed to be under the influence of any substance, or found to be using during an event, with either be denied entry, or asked to leave. Companies reserve the right to use their discretion at these times and to make the final decision on a guest’s removal from the event. This rule does not apply to events where a meal is provided and alcohol is offered. Guests are expected to behave accordingly, and not over indulge.

4.5. At the beginning of the event, guests will be placed into groups. It is expected that guests will remain with their group during investigation times. This is for health and safety reasons. Wandering off alone, unless free time is stated, can be both disruptive to other grounds, as well as dangerous. Failure to comply may result in guests being asked to leave an event. No refund will be given.

4.6. Guests are expected to act in a a respectful manner towards people and property. When leaving an event, please take into consideration the time as well as proximity to local houses. Guests are asked to leave quietly and quickly at the end of an event.

5. Cancellations & Refunds

5.1. Companies reserve the right to cancel an event at any time. This occasionally may be done if the number of guests is too low for the event to go ahead. Refunds or transfers will be offered. Companies are not liable for any outstanding costs incurred due to a cancelled event, including but not limited to travel and accommodation.

5.2. In the event of extreme weather conditions, companies reserve the right to cancel an event. This isn’t done lightly, and will be the last option considered. Guests will be given as much notice as possible if an event is being cancelled. If company staff can make the journey to an event in bad weather, the event will go ahead. If guests decide for themselves not to attend an event due to bad weather, no refund will be provided.

5.3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to a company having to cancel an event, notice will be given as soon as possible. Another date, location or a refund will usually be offered. Check the individual company terms and conditions for specific clarification on this policy. The Ghost Book will not be involved in any process involving rearranging cancelled events or refunds. This will be done directly between the hosting company and the customer.

5.4. In the event of a company having to cancel an event, refunds on travel, accommodation or any other outstanding costs will not be made by any company.

5.5. All payments made to The Ghost Book are non refundable and non transferable. Any refunds granted will be made by the hosting company and not The Ghost Book. This applies to all companies who advertise with The Ghost Book.

5.6. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can make the date of the event that you are booking. If you pay for your ticket and are no longer able to make the event, you will not be entitled to a refund or transfer.

5.7. If you cannot make an event, regardless of how east minute, please let the hosting company know as soon as possible. They will be waiting on your arrival and will appreciate knowing that you won’t be there.

5.8. If you can no longer make an event, you can sell your ticket on privately, or gift it as you wish. Your ticket cannot be listed on another selling site due to the terms and conditions attached. You will be solely responsible for doing this and neither will The Ghost Book nor any hosting company be liable for any issues that arise from such transactions. Nor will any company involve themselves in any correspondence regarding such transactions. You will need to contact the hosting company and make them aware of the changes in guest’s details. Please ensure that the new guests have read the terms and conditions listed by The Ghost Book, and the hosting company. This will be your responsibility to enforce. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in guests be refused entry to an event. No under 18s or pregnant women will be admitted to the event.

By purchasing a ticket from The Ghost Book, you are accepting these terms and conditions. Further more, you are indemnifying The Ghost Book and all hosting companies involved from and against all legal liability in respect of claims, costs, penalties or any legal suits incurred as a result of personal loss, damage to property, personal injury or death due to the participation in a paranormal investigation, and travel to and from the event. It is advised that you have your own third party public liability insurance.

These terms and conditions are non-negotiable.



• All content provided by The Ghost Book is for entertainment purposes only. It is viewer’s responsibility to process the information provided as they choose.

• The Ghost Book reserves the right to edit or remove any information, feature or service provided on the site at any given time without notice.

• The Ghost Book reserves the right to remove any company and services provided to that company at any given time without notice.

• The Ghost Book is not liable to any third party, viewer or customer in regard to services provided on the site.

• No credit card details are stored by The Ghost Book, nor is any personal information provided shared with any third parties.


• The Ghost Book provides some links to products that are affiliate links. This means you are referred to another company who is selling the item you are viewing. Should you make a purchase from the site, The Ghost Book may earn a commission for the referral. This does not affect your purchase, or the price you pay.

• The Ghost Book is not liable for any purchase you make from another site as a result of a referral from this website. You as the customer are solely responsible for the purchases you make.

• The Ghost Book is not responsible for any issues with products purchased via an affiliate link, will not provide refunds for purchases made in this way, nor take part in any correspondence. Any issues should be taken up directly with the company you have made the purchase with.

• The Ghost Book is not responsible for any variations in prices for products found via affiliate links. We suggest products we believe will be of interest to our audience but provide no promise regarding guaranteed prices or special offers.

• Some links may expire due to the activity on affiliate sites. The Ghost Book will endeavour to always provide up to date links to products, but this may not always be possible.


• The Ghost Book provides information that has been researched as thoroughly as possible. The Ghost Book does not fabricate stories or information, of historic or paranormal nature but is not liable for information which may be proven as being untrue. The Ghost Book provides no guarantees that the information listed is fact. We endeavour to provide up to date information, but due to the level of content on this site, including but not limited to locations to visit, it may not always be possible. The Ghost Book is not responsible for outdated information, and encourages viewers to check individual location websites for accurate information regarding opening times, entry prices etc.

• You will find many YouTube and Facebook videos displayed throughout the website. These have been selected to provide the audience with a greater source of entertainment and/or knowledge regarding haunted places or investigation teams. Whilst The Ghost Book tries to refrain from using language not appropriate for a younger audience, responsibility can not be taken for the content of these videos. The Ghost Book will not be held liable for any offence caused by the language used in these videos.

• You will find links to many other websites and social media accounts on this website. The Ghost Book is not responsible for any of the content on those sites and accounts. Nor are we responsible for any services that can be found on this site.

• The Ghost Book does not run ghost hunting events but provides a booking service allowing customers to purchase tickets from a number of other companies. A commission is taken by The Ghost Book for this service, and the remaining balance is passed over to the hosting company along with the customer’s contact details.

• The Ghost Book endeavours to maintain a high professional standard in regard to the companies advertised on the site. The Ghost Book reserves the right to refuse advertising services to any company it deems unfit for public services.

• The Ghost Book is not liable for any company advertised on the site, or any discrepancies or complaints that may arise after attending an event.

• Whilst we aim to provide an entertaining and informative site, we cannot guarantee that your expectations will be fully met. Nor can we guarantee that the services experienced and products purchased via this site will meet your expectations. The Ghost Book is not liable for any third party experience, service or product found on this site, nor will The Ghost Book offer any refund or compensation.