Haworth Ghost Walk • 7.30pm - 8.30pm • Sat 23 May - BOOK HERE
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Ghost Hunts


Haworth is a village in West Yorkshire which dates back to 1209. There was a settlement recorded back then, the name of which suggests a ‘hedge enclosure’ or ‘hawthorn enclosure’.

The village is perhaps most noted for its links to the Brontë family. Although they were born elsewhere, they wrote most of their novels in Haworth Parsonage where they spent a time living when their father was the parson at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels.

Location 1: The Black Bull. This 300 year old pub is said to have been a favourite of the Brontë sisters brother, Patrick Branwell Brontë. There is a story that he was the original author of ‘Wuthering Heights’. His younger sister Emily apparently found his work, made some alterations and had the book published as her own. Branwell alienated himself from his family, turning to alcohol and drugs. Many original items and decor still exist in the pub, as well as Branwell’s chair!

Location 2: The Kings Arms is another old pub, nearing 300 years of history. And a dark one at that. A slaughter house once existed to the rear of the building and the cellars were often used as a morgue when the village mortuary was full! 

Location 3: The Graveyard. This has a pretty gruesome story. A Sanitary investigation of 1850 was instigated by the Brontë’s father who was witnessing much death. The report shows the village of Haworth was in a dire state, and highly unsanitary. Death rates were extremely high. Life expectancy averaged at 25, 22% of deaths were children under 6 months old, and 46% were children under the age of 6. The graveyard is located at the top of a hill and at this time, was already full. The manner in which people were buried, with a flat stone laid across the top of the grave, meant that the bodies were ‘rotting’ instead of decomposing as they naturally should. This ‘decomposing matter’ was finding its way into the spring. The people of Haworth used the water from the spring, and the Black Bull used the water to brew their beer. Sadly, they were unaware that the water was contaminated. There was loss of life, and the people were added to the graveyard that had likely killed them. The graveyard is said to be very overcrowded, with some graves 10 bodies deep! 



Across the three locations there are reports of much paranormal activity, and who would be surprised?

Poltergeist activity seems to common and many unexplained sounds are heard. Full bodied apparitions have been sighted, descriptions suggesting there are many spirits in Haworth! 

Are you ready to explore this historic, once troubled village with a dark past? 


YOUR HOSTS: Haunting Nights 

YOUR EVENT: The Haunting Nights Brontë Interactive Ghost Walks Haworth, West Yorkshire.  Join Haunting Nights as we take you back in time at this historic village in Yorkshire. This event will be a ghost walk which lasts around 1 hour and will have some walking involved. we will be using different ghost hunting techniques on the actual event.