Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt - Saturday 19th Oct - BOOK HERE!
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Ghost Hunts


Gloucester Prison started life as a county gaol in 1791. It continued to house inmates right up to its closure in March 2013. Some of the most notorious criminals, including serial killers, were held here.

Extension refurbishment took place in 1840 and improvements and extensions took place later in the 1900s. 

Around 120 prisoners, both men and woman were executed at the prison between 1792 and 1939. Despite the last hanging taking place in 1939, the gallows were not dismantled until 1966 with the abolition of the death penalty. Bodies of executed prisoners remain in the grounds of the prison. 

Recent discoveries have unveiled that a Norman castle once existed on the site. Remains of a wall were discovered in the former exercise yard in 2015.



There has been numerous sightings a woman believed to have been murdered before the prison was built. She is believed to have lived in the 15th Century and was seen by both staff and inmates and has acquired the name ‘Jenny’. 

Disembodied footsteps are heard, doors slam closed on their own and dark shadows are seen. It seems that spirits of past inmates try to carry out revenge on the guards. It is said a prison guard was once locked in a room that didn’t even have a lock on the door!

There are stories of a seance that was carried out by inmates in 1969. In cell 25A, they attempted to make contact with the spirit of Jenny. Books and a plant pot were allegedly thrown around the cell by unseen hands!

Are you ready to explore this vast, eerie prison? Do the prisoners still remain in Gloucester Prison?


YOUR HOSTS: Haunted Cells Ltd

YOUR EVENT: You will have access to many areas including A/B/C Wing and Healthcare (old Debtors Prison)

Your evening includes:-

* Opportunity to explore many areas of this huge prison including all the wings/ Kitchen/ Chapel and the old Debtors Prison

*Chance to use real investigation equipment such as K2 Meters, Ghost Boxes and EVP Sound recording devices

*Opportunity to partake in investigation experiments such as Table Tipping

* A medium will be in attendance

*FREE TIME to conduct your own investigating

*Unlimited hot refreshments

*No alcohol , under 18’s or pregnant ladies please *

* Unfortunately this event is unsuitable for those with mobility issues, apologies 

Times :- 7pm-2am

( Event times have been changed due to the nights drawing in at this time of year , also the high possibility of some cells being ready for sleepovers! IF completed in time, there will be enough cells ready for 10-15 guests to spend the night in Gloucester Prison, these will be first come , first serve and the price will be £15 PP including breakfast with 2 per cell. Please check your emails and our Facebook Page/ Website regularly as we will announce this at least 10 days before the event. )

Parking :- On site

Toilets and Refreshments:- Yes