Eyam Village Midsummer Ghost Walk • Sat 18 July - BOOK YOURS HERE
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Ghost Hunts


Eyam Village has long been known as the ‘Plague Village’. In 1665, some fabric was delivered to a tailor in the village, sent from London. Unbeknown to the recipient, the material was contaminated with flees carrying the Great Plague. Hanging the material up to dry, he unwittingly unleashed the plague on the village of Eyam. The plague ravaged for 14 months, killing 273 villagers. Figures vary, but some say the population stood at 350, leaving around only 80 survivors. 

The village collectively made the decision to quarantine themselves from surrounding villages to prevent the spread of disease, a decision which proved successful. ‘Boundary Stones’ or ‘Plague Stones’ marked the edge of the village, a point where outsiders would not cross. Food and medicine was left at these points for the villagers. Small holes were ground out of these stones and filled with vinegar. The villagers would leave their payment in these vinegar ‘wells’, which was believed to kill the infection, in payment of the goods. People were forced to bury the victims of their families. Once poor woman, Elizabeth Hancock, buried her husband and her 6 children herself within 8 days. 



It’s hard to imagine the anguish and despair that fell upon the village during this time. And it undoubtedly left its mark on the village. 

There are various hauntings reported, including at the village hall and the local pub, The Miner’s Arms. Many different full bodied apparitions are seen, poltergeist activity is experienced and unexplained giggling can be heard. 

Who will you experience in Eyam, The Village of the Damned?



YOUR HOSTS: Haunting Nights

YOUR EVENT: Join Haunting Nights on An Interactive Ghost Walk around the village taking in the paranormal hotspots and legends of the hauntings. Interactive Ghost Walk includes different methods of ghost hunting and history talk.  

Events last 1 1/2 hours  Full T&C apply.