Armley Mills Ghost Hunt • Sat 16 Nov - The Ghost Book
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Ghost Hunts


Armley Mills was a woollen mill built in 1805. This was not the first mill to exist on the site. There has been a mill on the site for hundreds of years. The first ever mill dated back to the 1500s and and one time was used for grinding corn.

Tenants lived in part of the Armely Mills in the early 1900s. Working conditions at the mill would have been terrible, as they were everywhere at the time, and working hours would have been very long. Children as young as six would have been set to work in the mill. 

The mill closed in 1971 and became a museum of industry in 1982. The museum continues today, and the building is also used as a ghost hunt venue.



The resident spirits at Armley Mills vary from the innocent to the sinister. 

Sadly, but as is expected, children are reported to the haunt the building, and then there is a group of dark, hooded figures. 

Poltergeist activity is reported and seems to be quite powerful. Doors slam on their own, objects are thrown and machinery is even said to start up on its own!

Children’s crying and laughter is heard, apparitions are seen as well as dark shadows, footsteps and voices are heard, tobacco smoke is smelled. Armley Mills really ticks all the boxes.

Are you ready to investigate what was once the largest woollen mill in the world?

Read a full account of the factory’s history and hauntings here. 


YOUR HOSTS: Simply Ghost Nights

YOUR EVENT: Your ghost night commences with a brief chat about what you may experience as a ghost hunter on the night and how to use all our ghost hunting equipment whether you are using the spiritual or scientific the equipment, you are free to use any of the ghost hunting equipment as you attempt to interact with the spirit world.

On your ghost hunting night and paranormal investigation we do not waste your time or money talking about ourselves on a ghost hunt or taking you on a tour of the building to pass time. What we do is utilise every minute possible into providing our guests with an amazing most haunted experience, at a most haunted venue or location in the U.K, after all it is simply your ghost night.

Participate in.

  • Victorian Séances
  • Table Tipping Experiments
  • Ouija Boards
  • Glass Divination
  • Lone Vigils (optional)
  • Human Pendulum

Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as Mel Meters, K2 meters, Franks box, motion sensors, sound enhancers, night vision goggles, infra red camera’s and much more as we search for ghostly communication from the other side.

Why not come and experience an evening with Simply Ghost Nights at this fantastic location!

Drinks and Snacks will be served through out the event