Paranormal Voice - The Ghost Book
The Ghost Book introduces you to Paranormal Voice, a paranormal investigation team based in Cornwall, UK. Discover more about the team, the ghosts and their adventures.
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Paranormal Voice

I have been friends with Jayne for many years now, and have enjoyed watching her paranormal journey grow and develop.

Paranormal Voice has been running for 5 years in total and was out on a back burner as Jayne joined North Cornwall Paranormal, which after 4 years evolved into Paranormal Voice. For a year, the team focused their attention solely on producing case studies on allegedly haunted objects and then returned to investigating haunted locations. The main (but not only) tools of choice in their investigative work is the ‘spirit box’, voice recorder and video camera. After having been fortunate enough to spend hundred of hours working with well known spirit box makers and experimenting with sound, light and frequency Jayne has gained much knowledge of the workings of the spirit box and had even hacked her own and made modifications to get clearer and better sounds.

The thing that appeals to me about Paranormal Voice is their honest intention to discover more about the paranormal. They are dedicated to their work, and whilst they have a strong presence on social media, they are not fame hungry.

Their approach to investigating is serious, whilst their delivery is not short of laughs, making their videos enjoyable to watch and even participate in with the team asking for viewers to give their opinions and thoughts on any potential paranormal occurrences documented in their videos.

Paranormal Voice
Paranormal Voice

Paranormal Voice search for paranormal contact with forgotten souls and history through the exploration of haunted buildings and land… We consider ourselves a friendly, down to earth team. Paranormal Voice don’t host public investigations. We leave that to commercial groups. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on capturing the best evidence possible and presenting it to you in a straightforward and honest way through our video documentaries on our YouTube Channel. As a team, we live and breathe the paranormal, and it remains our ongoing passion.

The Dead Speak is a new series that Paranormal Voice are working on. The team will be documenting their investigations, behind the scenes footage and giving accounts of any unexplainable occurrences they come across. You can follow their work on their YouTube channel. You can also view their old web series from their time as North Cornwall Paranormal, ‘Into The Shadows’ through to ‘Haunted Cornwall’ as Paranormal Voice.

Jayne has a respectable amount of experience investigating the paranormal. I asked her a few questions about favourite haunts and pet hates. 

#1 As a team, what’s your most visited location? Bodmin Jail

“Definitely Bodmin Jail (see image). It’s a location on our doorsteps and one we all love a great deal. Pengersick Castle is one we investigate at least a couple of times a year too. In my opinion, an extremely haunted location that had given up some of its best activity to us. Another favourite is Davidstow Airfield and Control Tower, another super haunted location with a bloody past.”

#2 What’s your favourite location?

“Hmmm that’s hard one to answer. I have a few, Woodchester is just beautiful, Pengersick always delivers and and the energies in the Museum of Witchcraft And Magic are just special. Really grounding and really active.”


Ancient Ram Inn#3 What location has had you most scared?

“Of all the places I have done, our most recent visit to the Ancient Ram Inn (see image) is the one that affected the whole team really badly. On the few visits we have made, this was the time that we experienced something very negative and dark… None of us have vowed to return ever again. It is potentially the only place that has ever really shook me to the core and made me seriously consider giving up investigating. Most of the footage remains unpublicised as it effected so much.”

#4 Do you like to use equipment on your investigations?

“To be honest, I use very little equipment compared to most. Over 15 years of investigating I’ve spent more than I care to remember on gizmos and gadgets that read EMF, trigger alarms on movement, devices that spit out random words and in my opinion I don’t any of them offer real or solid proof of supernatural happenings. There are far too many environmental influences that can cause false positives. I am a believer in the Spirit /Ghost Box. It is a controversial piece of equipment, you either live or hate it and some don’t think it works but I believe I’ve had more than enough personal replies, conversations and responses to support the legitimacy of this piece of kit. We also carry voice recorders and always have a camera recording, the camera is an pair of eyes and ears… plus it allows me to put our finding into documentary style videos.”


#5 What is your essential investigation snack?

“Sue’s husband makes the best filled bread rolls so we always have some of them on hand for mid investigation break time. THANKS PHIL!”


#6 What’s your favourite type of location to investigate?

“A haunted one. Abandoned buildings are great but a warm place with comfy seats will win every time. Ideally a places with beautiful architecture and visible history and living. It just gives you that sense of stepping back in time and who knows, perhaps it’s makes for a better connection to the other side?”


#7 Do you prefer to go into a location with knowledge or go in ‘blind’?

“I like a little knowledge so we can verify any responses or activity, perhaps use others previous experiences to push forward our own investigation. If working psychically/mediumistically, then go in totally blind but I don’t do the mediumistic thing much anymore.”


#8 You’re offered the chance to spend the night alone at the Ancient Ram Inn. Are you brave enough?

“Categorically not. I’d never recommend anyone going in alone.”


#9 If you could banish one thing from the world of paranormal investigating, what would it be?

“Can I say a***holes?” 

Haha, errrr I guess so……

“Drama. Para drama is rife and and causes unease and friction between those it doesn’t even involve. Luckily we don’t seem to get much as we refuse get involved in others playground tactics. Most of us are all working for the same common goal so it seems silly to work against each other rather than together. Even if you don’t want to share location ‘secrets’ and be best pals, being friendly and respectful is a lot better than going head to head, in my opinion.”


#10 The one everyone always asks, have you ever seen a ghost?

“Definitely yes, many. One of the first vivid apparitions I saw was my grandfather a few days after he had died. He was stood in the doorway of the lounge and disappeared after a few seconds. I was only 15 at the time.”

If you’d like to stay in touch with Paranormal Voice and their investigations, you can follow them using the links below.