Paranormal Top Picks - The Ghost Book's Paranormal Favourites
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Paranormal Top Picks

On this page, you can find out more about my top picks in the paranormal world.

From investigators, to tour guides to podcasts. If you like ghosts, you’ll love this lot!


Amy's Crypt

Amy is an Australian investigator who explores an array of haunted places across the world! From American to the UK to India and Australia with many more between! Discover more at Amy’s Crypt and become a Crypt Keeper yourself following the links provided!


Dan is a paranormal investigator/ urban explorer which I personally think is the perfect mix! Dan brings us beautiful and historical ruins that all slowly becoming nothing more than memories. You can follow Dan and his Spooky Adventures here…. 


Dark Territory

Owen, Sean and Karl investigate some of Britain’s darker haunted buildings. Sites enriched with history and full of hauntings, you can enjoy their investigations at these incredible places as they delve even deeper into the world of the dead. 



The Tudor Tours

The Tudor Tours sees historian Phil Downing bringing you all things Tudor in his series of vlogs and videos. Phil discusses his favourite people and buildings from the Tudor period and delves deeper into the lives they lived. A fascinating insight into a remarkable time in British history.


Haunted Histories

Penny Griffiths-Morgan combines her love for history with her passion for the paranormal. She has written 2 books, ‘My Haunted History’ and ‘A Haunted Experiment’ can be found here in the Haunted Library. Penny also has a website where she explores all manner of spooky, historical cases.