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I have put together a collection of paranormal books and DVD's that I think you may find interesting.

I have focussed on ghosts and hauntings, as that's what The Ghost Book is all about after all. Simply click a image to find out more about the item and view purchasing options.

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 Ghost Rater



Non Fiction Paranormal Books

Ghost Rater

Books About Ghosts & Investigating


Dead Haunted by Phil WhymanThe Ghost Hunter's Guidebook by Troy TaylorHunting Ghosts by Russell VogelsGhost Hunting: A Beginners Guide To Investigating The Dead by Randall CroppThe Everything Ghost Hunting Book by Melissa Martin EllisA Natural History Of Ghosts by Roger ClarkeGhost Hunting: A Practical Guide by Andrew GreenGhost Hunting by Ellis M. ReadGhost Hunting From A To Z by James Kroenig & Heather LindemanGhost Hunt: A Survivor's Guide by John FraserI Am Haunted by Zak BagansDark World by Zak BagansA Brief Guide To Ghost Hunting by Dr Leo RuickbieGhost Hunting by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson & Michael Jan FriedmanSeeking Spirits by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson & Michael Jan FriedmanParanormal Case Files Of Great Britain - Volume 1 by Malcolm RobinsonParanormal Case Files Of Great Britain - Volume 2 by Malcolm RobinsonWhat Is A Ghost? by Richard FelixThe Ghost Files by Mike CovellMore Ghost Files by Mike CovellMy Paranormal JournalThe Ghost - A Cultural History by Susan OwensGhost Hunters by Deborah BlumWill Storr vs The Supernatural




True Ghost Stories


Real Police Ghost StoriesReal Ghost Stories50 Real Ghost Stories50 Real Ghost Stories 2They Walk At Night Real Haunted Hospital Ghost StoriesReal Ghost StoriesParanormal EyewitnessReal Ghost StoriesGhost StoriesScary Ghost StoriesGhost StoriesHauntings And Ghosts



Books About Haunted Locations


In The UK & Ireland

Haunted Happenings by Wayne SpurrierHaunted Britain and Ireland by Richard JonesThe Most Amazing Haunted & Mysterious Places In Britain by Reader's DigestThe A-Z Of British Ghosts by Peter UnderwoodHaunted Houses Of Britain & Ireland by Richard JonesHaunted London Underground by David Brandon & Alan BrookeHaunted London by James ClarkWalking Haunted London by Richard JonesParanormal Encounters in British Roads by Peter A McCueHaunted Wales by Richard HollandThe Ghost Tour Of Great Britain - Wales by Richard FelixThe Ghost Tour Of Great Britain - Derbyshire by Richard FelixHaunted Britain & Ireland by Derek AcorahThe Ghosts Of LondonHaunted Liverpool Haunted ScotlandHaunted YorkEngland's Haunted Pubs & Inns Haunted CornwallShadows In The NaveShadows In The SteamHaunted DevonHaunted EdingburghGhosts Of EnglandThe Ghosts Of IrelandGhostly CumbriaGhost Of Wales



In America

Speaking With The Spirits Of The Old South West by Dan Baldwin, Rhonda Hull & Dwight Hull Ghost Town by Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson Ghostland: An American History In Haunted Places by Colin Dickey Haunted America by Michael Norman & Beth Scott A Haunted History Of Louisiana Plantations by Cheryl H. White PhD & W. Ryan Smith MA Ghosts Of Bobby Mackey's Music World by Dan Smith Ghosts Of The Queen Mary by Brian Clune True Paranormal Hauntings by Joseph A. MudderHaunted Cripple Creek & Teller CountyHaunted AmericaAmerica's Most Haunted HotelsHaunted AmericaGhost Hunting New York CityGhosts Of SalemHaunted TombstoneAmericas 100 Most Haunted LocationsHaunted AmericaAmerica's Most Haunted Neighbourhood



In Australia

Haunted Australia by JG Montgomery Australian Ghosts by Jeffrey Fisher Paranormal Australia by Alan Toner



In New Zealand

Voices In The Walls by Mark Wallbank Talking To Shadows by Mark Wallbank



From Around The World

The Mammoth Book Of True Hauntings by Peter Haining Haunted Places by Robert Grenville Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger Haunted Places by Roger P. Mils Haunted Places by Roger P. MillsHaunted Gardens




Books About Mediumship and Spirituality


A Personal Journey Through Shadow And Light by Pete BarryMediumship by Gordon SmithThe Medium In ManolosTeachings From William by Ian DohertyNew MediumshipThe Unbelievable TruthBetween Two Worlds by Tyler HenryThe Happy Medium by Kim RussoThe Other Side: A Psychic's Story by David DrewDying To Wake Up by Dr Rajiv PartiThe Afterlife Unveiled by Stafford BettyOne Last Time by John EdwardBy Your Side by Colin FrySpirited by Tony StockwellVoices by Doris Stokes

Fiction Paranormal Books

Ghost Rater  Ghost Stories Based On True Events 


Dead Haunted by Claire Barrand Dead Haunted 2 by Claire Barrand Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring The House On Poultney Road by Stephanie Boddy It Found Me by Shani Struthers Eight Ghosts by English HeritageSpooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories



Fictional Ghost Stories


Roald Dahl's Book Of Ghost Stories The Haunting Of Highdown Hall by Shani Struthers Rise To Me by Shani Struthers 44 Gilmore Street by Shani Struthers Old Cross Cottage by Shani Struthers Descension by Shani Struthers The Venetian by Shani Struthers The Eleventh Floor by Shani Struthers Jessamine by Shani Struthers Blakemort by Shani Struthers Thirteen by Shani Struthers Eve by Shani Struthers Loose Ends by Terri Reid Good Tidings by Terri Reid Never Forgotten by Terri Reid Taryn's Camera: Beginnings by Rebecca Patrick-Howard Windwood Farm by Rebecca Patrick-Howard Griffith Tavern by Rebecca Patrick-Howard The Silent Companies by Laura Purcell Winterbay Abbey by John Bladek & Davonna Juroe The Folcroft Ghosts by Darcy Coates The House Next Door by Darcy Coates The Travelling Bag The Woman In Black by Susan Hill Collected Ghost Stories Classic Ghost Stories Ghosts Of Christmas Past The Sensitives - Book 1 by Rick Wood My Exorcism Killed Me by Rick Wood Close To Death by Rick Wood Demon's Daughter by Rick Wood

The Ghost Book's selection of the best supernatural books and DVDs around today. From fiction to real life hauntings, spooky bed time reads and hide behind the cushion films, you can discover and buy them all here!