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"Hi my name is Daniel and I started Spooky Adventures so I could document and share my evidence of the paranormal. I often go Live so you get to almost feel you're ghost hunting with me.  I also enjoy going around old abandoned buildings and sharing my videos on YouTube and my Facebook page.

I first got into all things Paranormal seriously in my late teens going to haunted places and filming them on a very old camera and from there I was able to build up my paranormal equipment and capture some amazing evidence over the years. I often go to these places alone sometimes bringing either my wife or a friend to share the experience."

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Hi Dan, and welcome to The Ghost Book. To let people get to know Spooky Adventures a little better, I have some questions for you. If you're ready, we'll get started... 


#1 Which location have you visited the most? 

"Towers Hospital in Leicester. As a child I went past the place many times wishing to go in for a look around, at the time it was still in use.I first went not too long after the Asylum closed it's doors for good. Quite a bit still remained, lamps still on the walls curtains still up. A few hospital beds even peoples documents still in the drawers. Over the years builders have knocked chunks of the building down and much of the inside is stripped bare ready for conversion but I still go in from time to time."


#2 What is your favourite location?

"It would have to be the 1940s abandoned farm house. All the items left behind really told a story of the family that lived there."


#3 Which location has had you most scared?

"Denbigh Asylum. It's a very dangerous building, most floors are collapsed and roofs caved in. It's a huge place and police and security patrol all round the Asylum. It has a haunting feel all throughout the building."


#4 Do you like to use equipment on your investigations?

"Probably my haunted trigger object's like the dolls. We always get spirit activity around those. I also love to use the rem bear had amazing results on that."


#5 What's your essential investigation snack?

"Monster energy drink"


#6 What is your favourite type of location to investigate?

"It would have to be the Asylums. All the history in these buildings and stories I often find these buildings are the most active."


#7 Do you prefer to have knowledge of a location before you visit, or go in 'blind'?

"I like to have a bit of knowledge, so when I call out I can ask questions that could relate to the spirits."


#8 You're offered the chance to spend the night alone at Denbigh Asylum, your chosen scariest location. Are you brave enough to go?

"Absolutely I'd jump at the chance! And probably live stream the whole thing lol."


#9 If you could banish one thing from the world of paranormal investigations, what would it be?

"I would banish all the negativity which is a huge problem in this field."


#10 And the one everyone always wants to know. Have you ever seen a ghost?"

"I have seen an apparition when I was a child. And from that point I knew I would have to find out more."


 So you've read about Dan and his spooky adventures. Are you ready to join him on some?

Simply click the YouTube link below and you're in....


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