'Why Oracle? With Oracle Paranormal we  ensure your needs are always met from any of our investigations to workshops, your experience is always put first. 

We will always ensure a warm welcome, safe environment and furthermore a good time.

Although we can never guarantee personal connections or paranormal experiences we can guarantee a memorable time. 

With Oracle you have a wealth of experience to utilise at your choice, ranging from workshops, investigations, sleepovers, weekend retreats and many more.

Without exception we treat both the paranormal and our guests with respect and courtesy and enjoy a friendly relationship with both.

Lose Yourself - Discover yourself' Oracle Paranormal


"A huge thank you to Oracle Paranormal for a fabulous weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it (apart from coming home!) Hill House is just brilliant! Thank you so much for your hospitality and to the other guests & Duncan for making us all so welcome! We will be back 😀 xx"

Het Ward - Hill House Ghost Hunt


"We had a fantastic time at Eyam last night, fab location and really interesting history. The team were second to none and paid so much attention to every detail. Will definitely attend more events with Oracle"

Louise Gerrard Cockwell - Eyam Judges House Ghost Hunt


"Thank you Annie & Lewis for a fantastic weekend at Eyam - one of the best investigations ever and in such a beautiful setting. Would definitely go there now"

Julia King - Eyam Judges House Ghost Hunt

NAME: Lewis Conway & Annie Neale

COMPANY: Oracle Paranormal

LOCATION: Corby, Northamptonshire

POSITION: Founders

FAVOURITE LOCATION: L:So many! Hill House is my personal favourite and I would love to investigate Coventry Guildhall again soon.  A: Howles Hill

ESSENTIAL INVESTIGATION SNACK: L:So many lol can't go wrong with sweets and popcorn  A: Cuppa!

OUIJA BOARD - YES OR NO?: L:I think that if you're comfortable with it and respectful, it's fine although not my go to way of divination.  A:Ouija not favourite but no problem with it being used (correctly)

FAVOURITE INVESTIGATION METHOD: L:Eyes, ears and your mind are the best tools we have.  A:Sixth sense/ intuition

LEAST FAVOURITE: L:Walkie talkies always without fail make me jump!  A:Goading spirit!! 

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?: L:Yes......  A:On more than one occasion