The White Lion

The Ghosts of The White Lion


The main ghost associated with The White Lion Inn is of a young boy called Charlie. It is not known from which era he originates, but it is fair to say he is well liked by punters and storytellers alike. People have reported seeing a young boy waving to the from an attic window as the pass on the street below. 

Another group investigating the pub apparently came up with the name Robert when using a spirit box in the dining area. For those of you that don't know, a spirit box or ghost box is a machine that emits white noise from radio frequency that allegedly allows spirits to communicate. It is said they can use the energy and sound to enable their voices to be heard. Without much more information on Robert, it is hard to say who he could be, or whether he resides at the inn at all. He may have been there attached to a guest. 

Guest bedrooms 5 and 6 have both had reports of unusual activity. People staying in Room 6 have reported hearing noises and shuffling within the room itself, and from the room above which is the attic. In Room 5, people have commented on feeling particularly unwell during the night. There have also been shadows seen in the light from under the door, as though there is someone stood right outside the door!

A chef working in the kitchen said he has occasionally entered the kitchen in the morning to find the hot plates on and burning hot! 

The History of The White Lion


The White Lion is an 18th Century, Grade II listed coaching inn in Warwickshire. In the past, it was one of three coaching inns in the village, the others being The Fox and The Plough. It is now, however, the only remaining pub. 

The inn has a 19th Century gabled porch extension and a wing to the rear.