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Paranormal Investigations & Ghost Hunting Experiences across the UK.

Haunted Revelations are a team of experienced paranormal investigators, mediums and technical team who strive to bring you the best and most honest ghost hunting experience available.

We search out the most exciting and active locations for you to investigate and we promise that there is no fakery, tricks or gimmicks on our events.' Haunted Revelations


"Thankyou for a brilliant night, had such a scary yet fun night at The Barlow for Natalie's hen night. Literally didn't know whether to laugh or cry at times! The haunted revelations team looked after us so well, buffet & drinks were excellent, as were the goodie bags, especially the torches . Definitely a very different night out !"

Tina Taylor - The Barlow Institute Ghost Hunt


"I've been many times with Haunted Revelations. Professional at all times. Fantastic venues. And Amazing team members. They Really do look after there guests. Friendly and a pleasure to use. I certainly can't wait for the next venue with a Fantastic team thank you guys"

Mauritian Fall


"It was a real experience seeing Hack Green in a totally different light. Or should I say dark! Having visited the Hack Green Secret nuclear bunker with my family by day and learning the history behind the building, it was quite a different and chilling experience wandering the rooms and maze of corridors with only the voices of the other guests and torch light for company. Really enjoyed it. The hours just flew by without even realising the time with such a great group of people. Fab selection of hot drinks and snacks, I'm sure I've added more than a few calories. Great event and very professionally organised."

Tracy Rush - Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunt


NAME: Helen Barker

COMPANY: Haunted Revelations

LOCATION: Manchester


FAVOURITE LOCATION: Was Newsham Park but now I think Weir Mill is fast becoming my favourite place to investigate. I definitely think it's got a lot more to give

ESSENTIAL INVESTIGATION SNACK: Coffee and chocolate biscuits

OUIJA BOARD - YES OR NO?: Definitely! It's not Hollywood. We don't get dragged into the portal of hell for using one!

FAVOURITE INVESTIGATION METHOD: Sitting with our medium Craig. He comes up with new investigation methods every event

LEAST FAVOURITE: Human pendulum, because it makess my back ache!!!

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?: Yes! I once spoke to a neighbour only to find he'd passed away three days previously! And a full body apparition of a lady stood in the gallery at the Barlow on Edgeworth