Newsham Park Hospital
 Newsham Park Hospital 01

LOCATION: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institute, an orphanage for the children of Merseyside. 

OTHER USES: The orphanage closed on 27th July 1949 and opened again as a hospital in 1954 until 1992. It then became an asylum, taking 90% of patients from Rainhill Lunatic Asylum. In 1997, it ceased operation as a medical facility. It is now used as a ghost hunting venue. 



CLAIM TO FAME: In 1886, Queen Victoria visited the orphanage and became a patron.  


GRIZZLY HISTORY: Life in the orphanage wasn't pleasant for the children. Previous resident Phyllis Gallimore explains, "They weren't fussy how they punished you. It was really cruel."


DEATHS: Being a hospital for so long, there are bound to have been numerous deaths here at Newsham. However, records are hard to find. Here are a few from in and around the hospital...

Royal Liverpool Seamens Orphanage Orphan Drive Tuebrook Liverpool Merseyside UK Front Entrance

• 1878 - William Holland, 46, a chimney sweep was found under the ice in the lake. 

• 1880 - A man in his 50s was found in the lake with his throat slit with a razor in his jacket pocket. 

• 1891 - A man was found dead in the lake

• 1897 - The body of Florence Hansford, a domestic servant, was found floating in one of the lakes. 

• Unknown date. A nurse was found dead on the staircase by the main corridor. It is reported that she often spoke of seeing spirits in the hospital.

• Someone is said to have hanged themselves in the bell tower. 

• Apparently, a young orphan had been locked in a punishment cupboard. He screamed until he fell silent. The nurses thought he had fallen asleep, but he was found dead the next morning. I can find no evidence to substantiate this claim. 


• Children

• A matron from the times of the orphanage.

• Stephen - a young man who died in the 1920s of a lung condition. 


Newsham Park Boys

Audible: Dragging noises. Screams. Crying. People have heard growling right in their ears. 

Visual: Full bodied apparitions, including that of childing. Shadow figures. White mists. A horse seen on the ground floor passing through the wards.

Intelligent: -

Sensory: People have felt breath on their necks. Hair being pulled by unseen hands.

Poltergeist: Tables sliding across the floor on their own. Doors slamming on their own. 

Technological: -


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: Ward G • The basement • The dining room • The 'Naughty Boy's Corridor'. 




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It’s evil. Pure evil. That place should have been demolished years ago.

I worked long, hard shifts at night, and staff were terrified of going to certain parts of the hospital.

You could feel the evil when you walked in, it was in the atmosphere.

I remember going down into the basement one night to get a blanket to keep myself warm. As I walked in I saw a man, in a white coat with no head walk past and straight through the wall. I flew out of the room, it was terrifying.

Another time I was at reception and there used to be a stone staircase opposite. I looked up and saw woman in Victorian dress. She was there for a second and then disappeared. I found out that she was the old matron from when it used to be an orphanage.

On the old C Ward there was an old cast-iron staircase that no one would go up because it led to a corridor that had lines of cupboards where the children were put if they were naughty. You would hear banging from the cupboards.

I worked there for 13 years and I will never go back.

John Gray - Worked at Newsham Park Hospital from 1973 - 1986 on the hospital switchboard and reception.

Interviewed by the Liverpool Echo.


INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Watch the investigations of those who have braved Newsham Park Hospital for themselves.....