The Viaduct Tavern
 The Viaduct Tavern 01

LOCATION: Holborn, London, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A Victorian gin palace - an ornate and decorated pub born from the popularity of driking gin as a 'medicinal dram'. 

OTHER USES: The building remains a pub and also hosts ghost hunts.

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON THE SITE: The pub is built in the foundations of an old debtors prison known as Giltspur Compter which stood on the site from 1791 - 1853. Some of the old cells are used as the pub's cellar. 

CLAIM TO FAME: The tavern is the last surviving example of a Victorian gin palace left in London. Much of the Victorian style and features can still be seen throughout the building.  


INTERESTING FACTS: There are rumours that the first floor was used as an opium den in the late 1800s, a popular taboo of the time. 


GRIZZLY HISTORY: Newgate Prison stood opposite the Viaduct Tavern, which is now the Old Bailey. The fountain outside the pub marks the spot where hangings took place. It is also believed that many prisoners were buried under what is now Dead Mans Walk after their execution. 


DEATHS:  Unknown.


• A murdered prostitute.

• A spirit nicknamed Fred.



Audible: Horrible sounds of someone in pain come from the cellar.  

Visual: -

Intelligent: -

Sensory: People report being touched by unseen hands. 

Poltergeist: Lights going off on their own. Doors locing on their own. 

Technological: -


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: • Upstairs rooms • The cellar • The toilets.




EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....