'Enter a mysterious and intriguing supernatural world with Haunted Houses - Paranormal Adventures Ghost Hunting Events.

Our aim is to give members of the public amazing opportunities to become a genuine ghost hunter for an entire nights investigation, at some of the UK’s most terrifyingly and formidable haunted locations.

With exclusive night time access, you will explore Creepy Castles, Neglected Mansions, Intimidating Inns, Abandoned Tunnels and much, much more. Each location has a frightful reputation and is waiting to reveal its eerie secret to you in the dead of night. What awaits behind those closed doors is yours to discover!

Take part in real paranormal investigations using tried, tested and traditional methods such as glass divination, table tipping and Ouija boards, plus a whole host of professional scientific equipment at your complete disposal to use during your ghost hunt.

See what harrowing locations we have on offer by clicking on the ghost hunts icon above – We really look forward to welcoming you to a fearsome 

DONT GO ALONE!!' Haunted Houses


"I attended an event at Woodchester Mansion with Haunted Houses and found the group to be extremely welcoming and professional. They made me feel as though I was a part of the team and I was immediately at ease. The building was very impressive and the welcome meeting was informative but not overly time consuming. We were split into reasonable sized groups and there was the perfect amount of people so you weren't contaminated by the other groups in different areas, you also spent the right amount of time in each area. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and will definitely be booking with Haunted Houses again!"

Sarah- Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt


"Attended a few events with Haunted Houses and had a great time on each event . Last one was Woodchester Mansion, which is an amazing building. Been in three different teams now within your group at differant locations and all are as profesional and enthusiastic as each other and you all make every one feel welcome and at ease, whether it's your first ghost hunt or even the more experienced investigator. You offer people the chance to investigate in different ways and to experience the event that makes you feel part of the team. Can't wait to meet up again, see you on the next one!"

Nigel - Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt


"I've attended most of them this year (easier then listing them off lol) and as always the group are amazing and we always have a fab time, they are all very professional and very welcoming and always go out their way to make sure you enjoy yourself.  Proud to now call them friends of ours  xxx"


NAME: Christopher Chell

COMPANY: Haunted Houses - Paranormal Adventures

LOCATION: Stoke-on-Trent, West Mids

POSITION: Founder and event manager

FAVOURITE LOCATION: Newsham Park Hospital




LEAST FAVOURITE: Table tipping

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?: Yes, at Morecambe Winter Gardens