'A Paranormal Research Events company that believes in more than just a Ghost Hunt. Join us for the evening and become an Investigator.

We are based in Liverpool and operate throughout Lancashire, Merseyside & Cheshire in the North West of England.

We  are open-minded to the existence of ghosts but do not assume that the activity in question is a ghost or paranormal. We base our results on highly scrutinized  Photographs, Video and Audio evidence collected at a location. We take pride in our diverse abilities and methods to collect and review all data' Fourth Element Paranormal


"Myself and Partner would like to thank everybody at Fourth Element Paranormal Research Events for the hunts at stanley palace and the engine rooms we attended this weekend. these people here are truly very professional in what they do and myself being disabled they went the extra mile and gave me the help i needed to make it the best they possibly could have done for me. paula and myself had personal experiences on each of the nights and really had a memorable weekend, one that we wont forget in a hurry. give yourselves a big pat on the back and thank you so much for our time spent with you saturday and sunday night. we will be booking with you again very soon"

 Andy M


"Lovely people, very professional, never disappointed on their events! Amazing!!!!"

Lisa F

NAME: Andy & Julia Freeman and John Griffiths

COMPANY: Fourth Element Paranormal Research

LOCATION: Liverpool/ North West

POSITION: Owners & investigators

FAVOURITE LOCATION: Andy:Liverpool Town Hall  Julia:Liverpool Town Hall  John:No favourite 

ESSENTIAL INVESTIGATION SNACK: Andy:Mars Bars  Julia:Jaffa Cakes  John:Anything

OUIJA BOARD - YES OR NO?: Andy:No  Julia:Yes, if requested by guests  John:Yes

FAVOURITE INVESTIGATION METHOD: Andy:Human Pendulum  Julia:Calling out/ EVPs  John:All

LEAST FAVOURITE: Andy:Automatic Writer  Julia:Table Tipping

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?: Andy:Yes  Julia:Yes, several times  John:Hard to say. Saw shadows. Full people. Pushed