Haunted Tunnels & Caves - The Ghost Book
The Ghost Book brings you a collection of haunted places around the UK. In this section, you can read about haunted tunnels and caves, and discover who still lurks in them......
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Haunted Tunnels & Caves

When I picture caves and tunnels, I imagine dark, dank places and for the majority of the time, I’d be right. 

Quite often, tunnels and caves were dug out for secret missions. Stolen goods smuggled from ships needed hiding, priests needed secret passages from houses to churches in times of religious turmoil, and secret groups held secret meetings.

Then there are the tunnels that were used for industrial reasons, for transporting goods etc. 

Whatever their purpose, two facts remain the same. They would have been dark and they would have been dangerous. Are you ready to explore?

Drakelow Tunnels

Drakelow Tunnels

West Midlands, UK