An Introduction To Ghost Hunting
Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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An Introduction To Ghost Hunting

‘Ghost hunting’ is a term widely used today. To me, the phrase summons images of proton packs, laser guns and ectoplasm-proof boiler suits. There are many who prefer to say they carry out ‘paranormal investigations’, which does offer a little more respect towards the spirits under investigation. But neither really give us much of an idea as to what really goes down in a haunted castle at midnight. For those new to all of this, The Ghost Book is here to offer a little insight into the world of ghost hunting. Here is an introduction to ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunts

I’ve been asked all sorts of questions by people attending their first ghost hunt,

“Do you see ghosts?”  “Do you get left in the dark on your own?”

“Do people get possessed?”  “Do you see things floating around?”

Some questions make me chuckle, others can be more serious and quite worrying to people. Therefore, I decided to provide you with a little run down on what to expect on a ghost hunt, as well as the answers to some FAQs.  

How are we doing so far? Does this sound like something from your worst nightmares? Then perhaps this isn’t the thing for you. If the idea of spending all night in dark, damp rooms surrounded by spiders, dust and the odd bat, then you should read on. Note: not all locations are like this. Many are quite clean and comfortable, and if you’re lucky they may even have the heating on! 

So you’re sold on the idea of looking for signs of existence beyond the grave. Let me talk you through some of the types of equipment used on investigations.  Follow the link below to discover more…

Ghost Hunt Equipment


Or go straight through to The Ghost Hunt Diary to choose your event…