Light a candle, find a comfy seat and delve into The Ghost Book. Discover haunted places, spooky stories and book yourself a ghost hunt, if you dare?
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Hello! Thanks for visiting The Ghost Book, I hope you’re enjoying the site. Here, you can find out a little more about me and how The Ghost Book came about. 

My name’s Lorien, I’m currently 38 years old and I launched The Ghost Book back in 2013. The desire was to create a place where people could read about ghosts, discover haunted places and learn a little about investigating the paranormal. Reading about haunted places that no longer existed, or were no longer accessible left me feeling frustrated. I wanted a more tangible experience, to create an opportunity that allowed people to discover and explore these haunted locations for themselves. 


Back in the 80s, I was the kid who headed straight for the books about ghosts at the library. I’d be completely absorbed in the tales from the dead, and then have to sleep with the landing light on at night. The thrilling, terrifying fascination was there from a young age. Most people who would tell you similar, go on to explain some profound experience they had as a child like seeing their dead grandfather in their bedroom. I had no such experience, which intrigues me all the more as to why I had such an early introduction to the obsession, for want of a better word. 

The Ghost Book

As a child, I didn’t really do much exploring, there weren’t any spooky old buildings nearby to sneak in to. I think I have to give Most Haunted a nod for introducing the world of investigating to me. Credit where credit’s due. I attended my first public investigation in October 2006, and for that I have to give thanks to one of my best friends Carly. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even realise such events existed. She asked if I’d like to spend a night in the spooky old house at Alton Towers. Silly question, so we booked our places and eagerly waited. When the time came, we headed off into the night in Carly’s little Ford Ka, both full to the brim with excitement and nerves. It’s hard to say which outweighed the other, but as we passed through the village of Alton and hit the country lanes, nerves definitely took over. It was dark and the fog was creeping across the road. As we turned into the park and saw the Towers looming against the night sky, we were terrified and it was exhilarating. The night was full of frights and needless to say, that was me hooked. 

I’ve investigated many places over the years, some more that once. Alton Towers turned out to be a favourite of mine and I managed 6 investigations there before they closed their doors to ghost hunters. Between that first investigation in 2006 and now, I have had two little girls who are now 7 and 4. This has meant that over the years I have investigated a little less, especially as my youngest has never been a big fan of sleeping. But the passion has remained the same, even if the outlook has changed. I’m a lot braver now, although I’m not embarrassed to say I still get terrified at times. My investigation style has changed, improved I’d say. But I will never claim to be an expert, and even find myself slightly intimidated by those who talk openly about their knowledge. I’m more than happy to offer advice or support, but that only stems from my personal experience. Who’s to say we’re getting any of this right, when that definite proof remains so elusive. 

As I write this, on a sunny Sunday in May 2020, the world is in the clutches of a global pandemic. Life as we know it has stopped, everywhere is shut, ‘social distancing’ is the buzz word and no one knows when investigating will be allowed again. I have big plans in store for The Ghost Book, lots of new features and additions which are on hold for now. But hopefully not for too much longer. 


I hope you enjoy the site and keep checking back in. I’m adding new content as and when I can, although five minutes peace seems to be a thing of the past these days. 


Stay safe and keep it creepy,