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"Based on and around the beautiful Bodmin Moor, our aim is to research and document paranormal activity - be it an old gothic mansion, or a privately owned two bed semi.

We take our investigations very seriously; favouring the use of Cameras, voice recorders and many hours of painstaking checking and cross checking - but we don't rule out the use of less conventional means where deemed necessary.

We are a friendly, not for profit team. NCP don't host public investigations. We leave that to commercial groups.

We prefer to concentrate our efforts on capturing the best evidence possible and presenting it to you in a straightforward and honest way.

As a team, we live and breathe the paranormal, and although we all work in other fields, it remains our ongoing passion."


North Cornwall Paranormal Team Photo

Hi Jayne and Allison, and welcome to The Ghost Book. To let people get to know North Cornwall Paranormal a little better, I have some questions for you. 

If you're ready, we'll get started... 


#1 Which location have you visited the most? 

Jayne: "Definitely Bodmin Jail. It’s a location on our doorsteps but one we all love a great deal. Then Pengersick Castle is one we investigate a couple of times a year too"


#2 What is your favourite location?

Allison: "Bochym Manor.  For some weird reason it always feels like home"

Jayne: "Hmmm hard one. I have a few, Woodchester is just beautiful, Pengersick always delivers and as Allison said “Bochym feels like home”."

Well that's cheating Jayne, but OK, I'll let you have that one


#3 Which location has had you most scared?

Allison: "Not scared as such. But unnerved / affected. The Ancient Ram Inn"

Jayne: "Of all the places I have done, NCPs most recent visit to the Ancient Ram Inn is the one that affected me the most. I know it did also affect the rest of the team too. On the few visits we have made, this was the first time that we experienced something very negative and dark... I will never return there again."

I'm chuckling to myself, Allison's not scared and Jayne's never going back! haha 

Allison: "Oh I'm never going back either. That place isn't right"


#4 Do you like to use equipment on your investigations?

Jayne: "Yes, we use equipment on all of our investigations. We mainly make use of stable EMF Detectors, Audio Recorders and Spirit Boxes and in our opinion we have some incredible and relevant responses to each situation, offering evidence there is something intelligent communicating with us."


#5 What's your essential investigation snack?

Jayne: "Ham and cheese rolls haha And water. We all have that lol, my hubby makes them"


#6 What is your favourite type of location to investigate?

Jayne: "A haunted one haha Abandoned buildings are great but a warm place with comfy seats will win every time"

Allison: "Anywhere really historic"


#7 Do you prefer to have knowledge of a location before you visit, or go in 'blind'?

Allison: "I prefer to go in blind"

Jayne: "I like a little knowledge so we can verify any responses or activity, perhaps use others previous experiences to push forward our own investigation. If working psychically/mediumistically, as Allison said then go in totally blind but I don’t do the mediumistic thing much anymore"


#8 You're offered the chance to spend the night alone at The Ancient Ram Inn, your chosen scariest location. Are you brave enough to go?

Jayne: "Definite no. I'd never recommend anyone going in alone"

Allison: "No. Not without good reason"


#9 If you could banish one thing from the world of paranormal investigations, what would it be?

Jayne: "Can I say ar$eh@les?"

Haha err..... I guess so....

Jayne: "Drama. Para drama is rife and and causes unease and friction between those it doesn't even involve. Luckily we don't seem to get much. Most of us are all working for the same common goal so it seems silly to work against each other rather than together. Even if you don't want to share location 'secrets' and be best pals, being friendly is a lot better than  going head to head, in my opinion"

Allison: "Oh how much better life would be without that. And fakers. Goes without saying really. Drives me nuts"


#10 And the one everyone always wants to know. Have you ever seen a ghost?"

Allison: "Yes, at Bodmin Jail. Walking towards me before he disappeared"

Jayne: "Definitely, yes. Many"


So you've read about North Cornwall Paranormal and their adventures. Are you ready to join them on some?

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