The Four Crosses

The Ghosts of The Four Crosses


Unsurprisingly, given it's 400 year history as a coaching inn, The Four Crosses has an array of reported paranormal activity. Just imagine the hundreds of people who have passed through it's doors and slept in the beds, not to mention the accidents and deaths that have occurred, or the highwaymen who frequented the inn. How many remain, supping tankards at the bar, or pacing the creaky floorboards contemplating their journey ahead? The lives and troubles of so many people have touched this building in some way, and it sounds as though several are still there. 

Experiences have been reported by both staff and visitors alike. Glasses smash on their own, unexplained footsteps are heard and shadowy figures have been seen throughout the building. Glasses fly off the shelves of their own accord and items move themselves around the bar area. Other sounds heard are disembodied voices and crying children. The ladies toilets is an apparent hotspot for activity in particular. Previous managers claim that a fire ignited spontaneously in the middle of the night, luckily in the fireplace!

Many spirits have been felt by mediums, or seen by unsuspecting witnesses, including dogs! A Roundhead soldier has been seen, apparently in the mens toilets. A teenage girl was witnessed by a member of staff one afternoon. She had scruffy hair and tatty clothes. Her feet were bare and after watching the member of staff for a few seconds, she turned silently and walked through a wall. On rainy evenings, a man has been seen standing in the car park adorned in a long, dark cloak. He is said to stand and stare at the building. A 19th Century drunk named Charlie, a middle aged woman, and a young boy called Scotty have also been reported.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....