Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre

The first of its kind on British soil


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Tucked away, just off of a busy Hinckley town street, you'll find the magical and mysterious Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre.

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As you close the door behind you, and stand on the ground floor of the historic building, it really feels as though you have shut the world outside. 

Climb the stairs, past the first floor offices, and continue on up to the second. Stepping into the centre, you are greeted with an inviting tea room. A nice place to sit with a brew and have a chat about experiences and interests. There is also art and trinkets for sale here. 

The next room you enter holds the majority of the antiques and artefacts. There are snippets of information about the pieces around the room, and it's easy to become instantly absorbed with the displays. 

Passed the spooky back staircase, and you find yourself in the seance room. Thick, heavy beams and a floor level window really set the atmosphere in this room. Set off perfectly with a display fireplace originating from a priory! The best part of the centre is you are allowed and even encouraged to touch the objects, hold the dolls, sit in the chairs and see if you experience any of the hauntings and phenomenon for yourselves!

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre Seance Room



View the brand new live webcams from the centre right here, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. What will you witness?........





The World War II Soldiers Wheelchair


Haunted Wheelchair

This is a Second World War medical wheelchair used in the treatment of soldiers. It was used in a medical hospital, and then stored in a makeshift museum alongside other items from the hospital. It now resides at the Haunted Antiques Centre, and is an object of fascination to many.

Visitors are welcome to sit in the chair, and many have experienced strange sensations. People report feeling ailments, amputations and mysterious pains. These are only impressions of injuries, and fade once people get up from the chair. When the centre owner Neil Packer sat in the chair, he felt he was missing his lower left leg!

The chair featured amongst other items on ITV's 'This Morning'. Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed Neil about the centre and its haunted antiques. During the segment, ever-skeptic Phil sat in the chair. Of course, he claimed he felt no different, but viewers started posting photos online in droves when they saw Phil getting up from the chair. He appeared to be missing his lower left leg!!

You can watch the whole interview here

Philip Schofield In Haunted Wheelchair

Jordan Brookes of Brookes Paranormal described to me his experience when he sat in the wheelchair during his visit to the centre... 

"When I first entered the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre, I almost immediately saw the haunted antique wheelchair and felt a sad yet peaceful vibe from it. I kindly asked Neil if I could sit in the wheelchair and he said “Yes, of course”. It’s not easy getting into this wheelchair so Neil assisted me into it. Once settled I felt fine at first, but within a few minutes I started to get a strange sensation around my chest, almost as if something was misplaced or lost and I felt that energy swirl around my chest area. I usually don’t have strong beliefs in haunted objects, but this was a first for me and I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t stay sat there for long as I did start becoming uncomfortable. It wasn’t a painful feeling, just a tingling sensation; a strange physical feeling. Once I stood up out of the wheelchair, I felt back to normal again and this sensation had disappeared. To anyone who hasn’t visited the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre, I highly recommend you pop by one day and pay Neil and the team a visit, as you’ll be surprised at what energies you’ll pick up on in there.

Brookes Paranormal also have a Ghost Hunt at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre towards the end of this year, so keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more information later this year."

Jordan W. Brookes ~ Brookes Paranormal

When I visted, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Neil Packer, founder of the centre. He told me a bit about haunted antiques, 11A Regents Court and how the centre began.

Neil Packer

What inspired you to create the research centre?

"I did the ghost nights, and ghost hunts. But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to do research. It’s a different sort of avenue to the normal ghost hunts."

How many items did you have when you set the centre up?

"I think I had about 25, all stored in my carport. People kept asking if they could come and visit them, and I had to keep saying no. I thought the time was right, and it was definitely the right place. I looked at quite a few places, this one definitely pulled me."

Was the building haunted before you brought the antiques in? Had you heard any stories about the building? 

"When the estate agent showed me round the first time, he said to me “I’ve heard stories that the place is haunted.” But there wasn’t any evidence. You get a feeling when you walk into a building as to whether it’s haunted, but I didn’t know it was this haunted! We brought the stuff in over the weekend. The Friday night before, we said we’d do a baseline investigation. There was nothing in here, just me and the team. It was so active, it was unbelievable. There seem to be many spirits here, there’s a dwarf, a cobbler, children. Bare-knuckle fighting used to take place in the alley way. We caught to figures on the SLS camera on that first night. They were very close together, face to face. As we were wondering what they were doing, our medium walked in and said "There’s 2 men fighting out there".”

Haunted baby gas mask

The first item you bought was a World War II baby gas mask. What made you buy it?

"I had already decided that I wanted to start collecting haunted antiques. I was walking around the shop, and I kept looking at that mask. I kept going back to it, so I said 'That's my first item'."

Is there a particular item that you have had most activity from?

"I think that's gonna be the wheelchair, because different people sit in it and get different feelings."

Is there an item that has scared you since you've owned it?

"Err, not really scared me. I am wary of the voodoo doll because it did make me feel poorly."

What is the oldest item you own?

"That's the Civil War musket shots, from the 1600s. They obviously hit something, because they're not round anymore. It could have been a fence, it could have been a tree...."


The interview was interrupted at this point by a brief appearance of a figure caught on the SLS camera in the room. An entity seems to like a particular spot just inside the doorway to the back seance room. This is 2 floors up, against an outside wall...... It didn't stay for long, and we continued. 


Did any of your objects come with warnings from previous owners?

"No, not yet."

Have you had any items donated due to hauntings? 

"Yes, quite a  few now." 

Do you think spirits are attached to the items or do they visit them?

"Some are definitely haunted, they have a spirit attached, some just have an energy attached to them, and others are visited by spirit."

The Voodoo Doll

Are any of your items for sale if the right buyer came along? 


How do you know if an item's haunted?

"The team are all now developing their own may of sensing spirit. We have a medium too, and she picks up on things. But it's what we feel. I have a tingley sensation, the back of my neck goes tingley." 

Museums of haunted artefacts have their exhibits being casings. Do you think there's any risk from handling these items? 

"No, I don't think so. Apart from the voodoo doll. And that's why we have it under glass. People are welcome to hold it if they want to, but we do warn them."

Do you think items directly involved in the death of someone can hold their energy? Have you had any experiences with such items?

"Yeh, gurkha knife has been used to take a life we believe. We got that information from viewers on a live feed. So I believe that has at least two energies attached to it, that of the gurkha and the man he killed."Haunted Gurkha Knife


Have you ever taken items from your collection to other haunted locations? 

"We've only done that once. We might do it again in the future, but it's nice to do locations as well, to do something different." 

Do you loan items out to teams? 

"I haven't done. I might consider it. It depends on the team and the object."

Do you have a favourite item?

"That's the wheelchair. I just love the item, I think it's fascinating. And so many people are getting so many feelings from it, I think there's a lot more to come."

You do sleepover events. Have you ever spent the night here alone? 

"No. After what others have experienced, I'd be a bit wary...."



Neil and his team do a weekly live feed on Facebook focusing on an item from the collection. 

You can tune into their Facebook page (see link below) on a Monday evening (check in for times) or catch up on all their videos and investigations on their You Tube channel.


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If you'd like to visit the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre for yourself, the opening times are ~

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Entry is free to all. Children are welcome with a responsible adult.

If you are a small paranormal team, and you'd like to investigate the centre, the rates are ~

£150 per night. That's a start time from around 7pm until around 2am. 

£200 per night if you dare stay until morning! 

Maximum number of investigators is 15.


"Absolutely fascinating place, would recommend to anybody that likes the paranormal and all things spooky. Has some great items on display and the stories surrounding the items are brilliant. Much better than a museum as the items are not in glass cabinets and containers. Looking forward to visiting again."

~ Jamie Macdonald


"An interesting gem of a place which was a pleasure to explore - my curiosity and sense of wonder were certainly piqued. The staff are lovely and very welcoming and there is a superb range of artwork and artifacts to amaze and intrigue."

~ Nat Browne