The Ancient Ram Inn
 The Ancient Ram Inn

LOCATION: Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

DATE BUILT: Around 1145, and was remodelled between the mid to late 1500s

PURPOSE: The building was originally the priest's house, situated just across the road from the church

OTHER USES: As the name suggests, the building served as an inn for some time, up until 1968

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON THE SITE: According to John Humphries, the owner of the building, the site was a pagan burial ground, some 5000 years ago

CLAIM TO FAME: The Ancient Ram Inn has featured on American TV show 'Ghost Adventures' as well as British shows 'Most Haunted' and 'Great British Ghosts'. It is often referred to as the most haunted house in Britain.


GRIZZLY HISTORY: It is believed that The Ancient Ram Inn has witnessed child sacrifice, suicides and black magic rituals. Women and children's bones were dug up from under the floor inside the inn, along with what appeared to be broken ceremonial daggers. There are stories of a man being murdered at the inn by having his head pushed into a fire. An innkeeper's daughter is said to have also been murdered at the inn, up in the attic in the early 1500s. A witch who resided at the inn for some time was burnt to death for her 'sins'. I can find no solid evidence to support these stories however. Highwaymen would have frequented the building when it was still in use as an inn.

RESIDENT GHOSTS: John claims that the inn is haunted by an incubus and succubus. These are male and female demons who engage in sexual activities with humans. Other reported spirits are a cavalier, a shepherd and his dog, two monks, a witch, a Roman Centurian on horseback, a crippled child who waves from a window, and a 'blue lady' referred to as Elizabeth. It is believed that Elizabeth was murdered by two highwaymen.


REPORTED PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: People have reported being pushed and even lifted off the floor by unseen hands at the inn. Sounds have been heard coming from unknown sources including screams and dragging sounds coming from the attic. Many different full bodied apparitions have been seen, and a face is said to appear in an old grandfather clock.  Poltergeist activity seems a common occurence, with furniture apparently able to fly around the room on its own....


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: The Bishop's Room, the stables, the attic and the Witch's room


TIMESPAN OF HAUNTINGS: There are reports of hauntings from 1930s onwards

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....


The Ancient Ram Inn mist

Taken by Debs Thomas outside The Ancient Ram Inn. She assures me no one was smoking at the time the photo was taken.