Bodmin Jail

The Ghosts of Bodmin Jail


There seems to be many ghosts haunting Bodmin Jail. This has resulted in an abundance of different paranormal experiences reported. Clothes being tugged, people being touched, footsteps being heard and the sound of keys rattling. People say they feel as though they are being watched, disembodied voices have been heard and stones have been thrown at visitors and staff. 

Many different spirits have also been see throughout the jail. The majority are said to be the ghosts of prisoners, but a priest is also seen in the chapel. One of the most eerie ghosts, perhaps, is that of Selina Wadge who was hanged for the murder of her illegitimate son. She apparently tries to grab young children visiting the jail! 

Another prisoner, Anne Jefferies, was accused of being a witch. She denied this, and as punishment was left to starve to death. It took her three months to die, fuelling the belief that she did indeed have supernatural powers. She has been seen wandering around the jail. 

In the naval prison, a gaunt man has been seen in one of the cells, no doubt the ghost of an unknown prisoner. Did he starve to death? 

No area seems safe and visitors cannot even dine in peace, as spirits have even been seen in the restaurant area. 

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....