Peterborough Museum
 Peterborough Museum 01

LOCATION: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A Georgian home for local magistrate Thomas Cooke and family.

OTHER USES: In 1856, the mansion was sold and became the Peterborough Infirmary from 1857 - 1928. Peterborough Museum opened in the building in 1931 and remains open today.

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON THE SITE: A house called Neville Place stood on the site in the 16th Century. It was a mansion belonging to the Orme family built in 1536. Some stonework still exists in the current building. 

Peterborough Infirmary RoomCLAIM TO FAME: The museum has featured on TVs 'Most Haunted'.


INTERESTING FACTS:  A fire broke out in 1884 causing extensive damage. The building was subsequently altered and extended, with wings added to the sides and an extension to the rear. 

The hospital section of the museum is a real part of the original infirmary. It is the only late-Victorian operating theatre remaining in the UK.




DEATHS: A kitchen maid fell to her dead on the back stairs. It remains unknown whether it was accident, suicide or murder! 

Peterborough Museum Soldiers


'The Lonely ANZAC' - Australian soldier Thomas Hunter died in Peterborough Infirmary from wounds inflicted in France in World War I.

With the building acting as a hospital for nealry 70 years, including the period of the First World War, there has no doubt been many more lives lost on the property.


• WWI soldier Thomas Hunter

• A kitchen maid

• A Roman soldier who is believed to be attached to his sword on display in the museum.

• A white lady

• A little girl

• A hooded figure

Peterborough Museum



Audible: Footsteps heard. Disembodied voices.  

Visual: Full bodied apparitions. Unexplained lights seen. 

Intelligent: -

Sensory: Strange smells. Females often report feeling pushed from behind. Is this maybe a clue from the maid on the stairs?

Poltergeist: Furniture has been moved on its own on the ground floor. Doors slammiing on their own in the cellar. 

Technological: Clear EVPs recorded. 


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: • The cellar • The stairs • Geology gallery • The back stairs (only accessible on pre-booked tours)


TIMESPAN OF HAUNTINGS: Earliest recorded sighting was in 1884.  





EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....


INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Watch the investigations of those who have braved Oxford Castle for themselves.....